Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic Bowls


These come in three useful sizes .Use for itsy bitsys and yummy dips to sizzling salsas and luscious salads.

Available in Yellow, Green and Red

Small   12cm/4 ¾” Diam. 8cm/3 ¼”High approx.  £12 each
Medium  15cm/6” Diam. 9.5cm/3 ¾” High approx. £15 each
Large  23cm/9” Diam. 15cm/6” High approx. £30 each



Usually ships in:

Usually ships in 5-7 days if the item is in stock

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Chillies Unlimited
8 Clevedon Craft Centre
Moor Lane, Clevedon
BS21 6TD

Shop Tel: 01275 879977

How to find us

Chillies Unlimited is situated on the outskirts of
the Victorian seaside resort town of Clevedon,
12 miles south of Bristol.

Follow the BROWN Craft Centre signs from
junction 20 of the M5 onto the B3130. We also
now have Brown signs from the other direction
taking you past the” Hand Stadium”.


Usually ships in 5-7 days if the item is in stock. Otherwise it may be 28 days. Please check with Chillies Unlimited for availability if you require the item sooner.


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